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noun: boudoir; plural noun: boudoirs
a woman's bedroom or private room.

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noun: empowerment; plural noun: empowerments
authority or power given to someone to do something.
the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

This is your moment

This is your life, girl! Embrace it!
We, as women, have this image in our minds.  What we want ourselves to look like, How we expect ourselves to feel. All too common, I hear women make excuses for not achieving their desires, and putting themselves at the bottom of their to-do lists.  I, myself, am often my own worst critic.  It ends here. 

You are a bad ass, amazing just as you are. Accept that. 
Embrace your flaws. 
Love your imperfections. 
Hug those curves.
Flaunt your bad-assery. 
It is what makes you, you. 

I'm Vanessa. Photographer and Main creative at Vanessa Yoss Photography. I have specialized in boudoir & beauty portraiture for over 10 years;  I service all of Chicagoland and beyond.
 Our private luxury  studio offers an all female staff , professional hair & makeup artistry, an always growing client closet, & various setups & backdrops that allow a custom designed session.  My style is timeless,  focusing on each client. Join me through this full artistic, luxury photography process, and see what amazing art we can make together. 

custom designed Luxe albums

Folio & print boxes

 Acrylic wall art

Metallic  Wall pieces

Acrylic Triplex images

Canvas gallery wraps

I'd love to hear from you!
sessions with me are custom designed for each client, each image is artfully hand edited, and all artwork is custom made.
In order to give all of you the experience you deserve, I only take a limited number of sessions per month. If you are needing images back for an event or anniversary, please book early. Prime session dates can be booked out months in advance. Please allow at least 6-8 weeks between the time of your session and delivery of product. If you are in need of a quick turn around or a spur of the moment session, drop me a message or give me a call, if I am able, I will absolutely try to get creative in getting your dream photos accomplished!
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